Are A.T.M.s available at Farm Day ?
Some of our stallholders are now able to offer limited cash out EFTPOS facilities, but it's best to come prepared. 
The nearest A.T.M.s are in Williamstown and Birdwood. 

Can we have a campfire ?
Yes !  All campfires are to be contained in existing fire pits or provided fire drums. Limited fire drums will be available for hire, from the Prize Wheel stall, on a first come first serve basis.   You will need to collect your own firewood.

Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks ?
You are welcome to pack your own picnic, or even bring in a barbie, for a feast in the forest.
Of course, there is also a wide selection of food available to purchase on the day.

Are we able to camp at Chalk's Campground ?
Unfortunately, due to security concerns in the past few years, camping is now restricted at Chalk's Campground over the Farm Day weekend.   Camping is available at Rocky Paddock campground, a two minute drive up Warren Road.  You will need to pick up a permit from Forestry SA headquarters (on Warren Road) to camp there.

Can I bring my dog ?
While dogs are usually welcome at Chalk's Campground, we do advise that your furry friend stays home for the day.  
With the number of farm animals, children and crowds in general at Farm Day, we'd hate to see your friend getting lost or ovewhelmed.   If you just can't resist bringing Fido along, please make sure they are on a lead at all times.

What happens if it rains ?
You get wet, perhaps a little cold ... and then you pull on your gumboots, warm yourself by a fire with a cup of billy tea, or head to the Australian Outdoor Living marquee for an art exhibit and plate of scones. 

Is there disabled parking available ?
Yes, disabled parking is available at the main pedestrian entry point. Please let our gate volunteers know when you enter, and they will point you in the right direction. 

I would like to have a stall at Farm Day. How do I apply ?
The majority of stalls found at Farm Day are run by the Birdwood Primary School community. There are a limited number of stall sites offered to independent businesses. For more information regarding stall sites, please contact Birdwood Primary School.